How can we transform our existing built environment to create low carbon sustainable communities?


RMI Retro is a collaboration of industry and academic research focused on the challenge of how to decarbonise existing buildings and places and make the transition to low carbon sustainable communities. The collaboration is led by RMI Architects with SLR Consulting, Caldwell Consulting and the Centre for Sustainable Technology at the University of Ulster. The collective aim is to combine practice and research and provide a coherent integrated consultancy service in how to reduce carbon emissions in the built environment, reduce dependency on fossil fuels and build stronger, healthier and more resilient communities.

Design Consultancy Services

Based on practice and research RMI Retro offers coherent and fully integrated consultancy service across the retrofit and retroplanning agenda. The collaboration brings together skills and expertise to assist local authorities, registered social landlords and development agencies in designing strategies for building scale retrofit and area based retroplanning, involving village, town and city scale decarbonisation and sustainable development strategies.

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